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Contact NYC Center for Dental Implants Today

Whether you’re ready to schedule your dental implant procedure or want to explore the possibility, the team at NYC Center for Dental Implants wants to help you. We know navigating the world of cosmetic and implant dentistry can be challenging, but our experienced dentists know how to help you get the smile you deserve. Browse our services here, schedule an appointment, or contact us for more information.

Comprehensive Dental Implant Dentistry

Our experienced periodontists offer several dental implant services. We’ll be with you through the entire dental implant procedure, whether you need a single tooth implant or an implant-supported bridge. Our highly trained team can even place implant-supported dentures. Whatever procedure you and your periodontist chose, the dental team at NYC Center for Dental Implants are dedicated to giving you your smile back. 

Temporary and Permanent Crowns

If a damaged tooth has caused you to lose confidence in your smile, NYC Center for Dental Implants can help with that as well. We can save deteriorated teeth using crowns of many different materials, including ceramic, porcelain, and metal alloy. We can also provide our patients with temporary crowns while waiting out the healing process of a dental implant procedure. If you have gaps in your teeth, talk to our team about dental bridges supported by your natural teeth. 

Patient-Oriented Teeth Extractions

Whether you need teeth extraction before a dental implant procedure or after a severe toothache, NYC Center for Dental Implants can accommodate you. Our dentists can perform a gentle tooth extraction with local anesthetic. We make the procedure as quick and as painless as possible for you.

Direct and Indirect Dental Bonding

NYC Center for Dental Implants also does dental bonding. Our experienced dentists use this method to repair chipped teeth. Bonding is a less permanent solution to cosmetic concerns that can be addressed with some of our other procedures. 

Attractive Dental Veneers

For cosmetic dentistry solutions in Manhattan, NYC Center for Dental Implants is an authority. We can fit you with veneers that will cover any chipped or misshapen teeth. Don’t let cracked teeth take your confidence. Our friendly dentists can give you the smile you always wanted. 

Effective Teeth Whitening

If you’re uncomfortable with the color of your teeth, consider our teeth whitening services. At NYC Center for Dental Implants, we can remove any discoloration and give you a bright white smile. Drug store alternatives don’t give you results comparable to what the professionals at our Manhattan office can do.

Here for You During Dental Emergencies

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, like a severe toothache or knocked-out tooth, we can help. We offer an array of emergency services to relieve your pain and restore your smile. When you’re in pain, the last thing you want to do is wait. Contact our Manhattan office right away for all kinds of dental emergencies.