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At the NYC Center for Dental Implants, we offer reasonably priced dental implant services for all of our patients.  If you would like to learn more about our single tooth implant services, please contact us at (646) 902-1118 to get all your questions answered. We look forward to helping you get the smile of your dreams!

Single Tooth Dental Implant

If you are in need of a single tooth dental implant, you have come to the right place. At the NYC Center for Dental Implants, our trusted team of experts has the knowledge base and skills to outfit you with a high quality, long lasting implant in no time at all. With top-of-the-line, modern technology, we are able to provide the most accurate diagnosis and care for patients needing single tooth dental implants. If you are not in need of a full set of dental implants and would like to be considered for a single tooth implant procedure, read on to learn more about what this service involves, or call our Manhattan, NY office at (212) 505-6862 for more information.

About Single Tooth Dental Implants

When you lose one of your teeth, whether it be due to illness, injury, or any other cause, you may be feeling insecure and unsure of where to turn next. While there are many options out there, dental implants outweigh bridges and dentures in terms of durability, aesthetics, ease, and convenience. The main reason for single tooth dental implants’ superiority is their likeness to healthy, natural tooth. If you are missing a single tooth, a dental implant will replace both your natural tooth and its root, giving you a brand-new synthetic tooth that looks and works exactly like a natural tooth.

The Single Tooth Implant Process

Single tooth implants involve tooth and implant, which acts as the new tooth root, and a false tooth (or pontic), which acts as the new tooth itself. The false tooth is made out a high-grade synthetic plastic and shaped using computer software to fit perfectly in the empty space in a patient’s mouth. The single tooth implant process is simple and straightforward. First, the implant, which looks like a screw or cylinder, is inserted into your jaw. The implant and the bone is then bonded together to create a foundation for the artificial tooth to adhere to. Lastly, the artificial tooth will be attached to the abutment and the implant will be completed. The result is a natural-looking, fully functional tooth that, if properly cared for, will last a lifetime.