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Temporary Dental Crowns

Temporary Crowns, occasionally dubbed “flippers” are temporary teeth which are worn by the patient while waiting for the final dental restoration. Our highly trained dental specialists will ensure you have all the directions you need to properly maintain and care for your temporary crown, to avoid infection and other complications. Since these non-permanent restorations provide both comfort and cosmetic benefits, it’s important to make sure to follow the guidelines provided by the highly trained professionals at the NYC Center for Dental Implants, to ensure your final restoration is completed properly. When you first come to our offices, we will use our high-tech equipment to carefully examine and prepare your tooth for this procedure. Once we have performed the temporary crown implantation, we will give you a set of guidelines to keep in mind before you come back for your permanent crown. First, be sure to avoid chewing any sticky or hard foods, particularly raw fruit, vegetables, gum or caramel. Next, we recommend you minimize chewing anything on the treated side of your mouth, for the same reason as avoiding certain foods: you want to lessen the odds that your crown will pop off. Lastly, when you floss around the temporary crown, make sure to slide the floss in and out rather than yanking it upwards. By taking extra care, you will ready to switch to a permanent crown with zero issues.

If you or someone you know is currently in need of a temporary crown, the team at NYC Center for Dental Implants is here to help. Contact us and one of our friendly staff members will be in touch with you shortly!