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Google Reviews

“Thank you so much for accommodating me on such short notice! i had a broken tooth, called the morning of and they got me in 2 hours later to see the dr.. he was very patient in answering all my questions, gave me the complete lowdown on what options i could go with, and reassured me that i would get my smile back! i was in complete shock at the time, so i appreciate you for taking the time to calm me down and make sure i walked out happy. thank you so much”

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“I love the professional yet relaxing vibe they have going on. The dentists and their assistants are very knowledgeable and I always have a pain free visit regardless of my reason for going.”

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“I've been with Central Park South Dental for over a dozen years and they are invariably professional, personable, and exceptional in every way. We are about to relocate an hour+ away, but we are continuing to stay with CSPD after the move; they're very much worth the trip.”

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“Dr. Sol Schwartzstein and his staff are awesome!! I broke a three-tooth bridge in the upper center of my mouth, and within an hour, I had three implants in place. The procedure was smoother and easier than have cavities filled. I only had to take 1 1/2 Motrin and there was minimal discomfort. Sol explained everything perfectly beforehand and gave me the option of having two root canals and saving existing teeth, but I chose to do the implants. They also worked out a Care Credit plan for me with O% interest.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★